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Fleur fumée

Welcome to Infinity Jewelry on bijouxminerauxsoins,

Jewelry and decorations  that I create in Toulouse, are made  with minerals, natural stones, in a traditional way, with enthusiasm, care, imagination and love.

These "jewelry-care", bag jewelry and decorations "bearers of good vibes", are made with passion.

Each creation is unique.  

So there is  out of stock ! I send you your orders in "letter followed", I communicate you its number with which,

we will follow its delivery to you.

Your order is delivered in a pretty box, with the necessary packaging precautions.







I associate certain semi-precious stones with each other, so that beautiful energies of well-being are deployed when we wear

these jewels or whether it is for decoration.

Lithotherapy, treatment with natural stones called  crystals, or minerals are used during energy treatments,

in our habitats,  and also in jewelry, in particular.

Their beneficial energies help us to  rebalance us.  

I also offer energy treatments (see menu).

For any questions about your order and about energy treatments, you can reach me at:

06 45 62 27 42.

You can join me if you want on Instagram and Facebook, it's at the top, next to the title "Aux Parures de l'Infini"!

I let you discover my first collection, and I thank you for your presence.


A chaque rubrique, vous pouvez cliquer sur les articles  présentés pour + de photos (à défiler) et explications

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