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Pendant : bull's eye.

Pearls : bull's eye, labradorite, serpentine, onyx, black marbled jasper, red jasper.

Benefits :

- Bull's eye: stone of support, encouragement, anchoring, and stability. Returns negative energy to the one who emitted it. This stone protects you.

Gives a fighting spirit, determination, dynamism. Stimulates the mind. Fights mental fatigue.

- Labradorite: Shield of protection, physical and mental regenerator. Brings harmony and balance.

- Serpentine: Protection and anti stress. Brings self-confidence, purifies the chakras. Awakening to spirituality.

- Onyx: Healing and protective virtues. Anchoring, self-control.

- Black marbled jasper: soothing, balances the mind and supports morale.

- Red jasper: Anchoring, brings serenity and calm.

Size: 37 cm.

Protective shield and anchor (ref: 90)

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