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Ref: 35

Grounding, protection, optimism, confidence


Pendant : root chakra symbol, fire opal nugget.

Pearls : faceted fire opal nuggets, red agate, seashells, lava stone, wood, tiger eye, red jasper, smoky quartz.

Benefits :

  - strengthens attention and will, anchoring and success (red jasper).

- appeasement, comfort, balance the emotional sphere, anchoring (red agate).

- soothes physical ailments and protects against malice, protective shield, assurance and optimism (tiger eye)

- confers strength and courage, bearer of joy, rebirth, psychic reconstruction (lava stone)

- self-confidence, concentration, anchorage, calm  and balances the emotions (smoky quartz)

Size: 42 cm

Grounding, protection, optimism, confidence ref 35

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