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ref 55      Protection, balance, anchoring

Pendant : mahogany obsidian (Mahogany).

Pearls : Matte labradorite, black spinel, hematite, mahogany obsidian, veined black jasper.

Benefits :

- protection, balances the mind, opens the doors to the celestial world, appeasement (mahogany obsidian).

- balances the emotions, protective shield, physical and mental regenerator,


- protection, anchoring, neutralizes dark thoughts, relaxes body and mind

(black spinel).

- protects, anchors, balances body and mind. Strength, courage, endurance, communication, concentration, dispels negative energy (hematite).

- anchoring, stability, strength, healing, fullness (veined black jasper).

Size 35 cm


Protection, balance, anchoring ref 55

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