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Ref 58     The 7 chakras:  Purification of energies, appeasement, protective shield.

Pendant : metal tree of life.

Pearls : Red, orange and yellow agates. Aventurine, lapis lazuli sodalite,

white quartz (drops and faceted white pearls.)

Benefits :

- appeasement, comfort, balance the emotional sphere, anchoring (orange, red, yellow agate)

- inner calm, restores  joy, balances emotionality. (aventurine)

- opens the 3rd eye, extrasensory capacities (sodalite)

- balance, purification of energies, calm, intuition, stimulates creativity, clears the mind, develops intuition, renewed confidence, compassion, physical well-being (lapis lazuli)

- purification of energies, balance of emotions, connects to the spiritual, clarifies the mind, strengthens other minerals, amplifier, protective shield (white quartz)

Size 38 cm.

Purification of energies, appeasement, protection ref 58

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