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ref 59        Protection, strength, balance, confidence.

Pendant : Lemon quartz (citrine), rough stone.

Pearls : Shards of emerald, turquoise, amazonite, pale green jade, African turquoise.

Benefits :

- joie de vivre, abundance, purification, protection, solar plexus chakra

(lemon quartz, citrine).

- Appeasement, harmony, strengthens the immune system, compassion and

inner peace (emerald)

- strengthens the metabolism, calms, absorbs the negative (turquoise).

- Optimism, helps  accept change, confidence, balance, structure, prosperity (African turquoise).

-  dispels negative energies, reveals tenderness, anti-stress, strengthens immunity (amazonite).

- Increases self-confidence, offers tolerance, balances emotions (jade).

Size 39 cm



Protection, strength, balance, confidence. ref 59

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