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Pendant : Spiritual and sacred symbol (metal): Shri Yantra: sacred geometry, enhances  clarity of mind and spiritual fulfillment. Repel negative energies. Buddhist and Hinduism meditation diagram helps to understand its link with the cosmos.

Beads :

Small faceted, round, and  rectangles  in Lapiz-lazuli, round matt blue hematites and square hematites and small tubes, round shell pearls. 


-  balance, purification of energies, calm, intuition, stimulates creativity, clears the mind, develops intuition, regains confidence, compassion, physical well-being

(lapis lazuli).

-  protects, anchors, balances body and mind. Strength, courage, endurance, communication, concentration, dispels negative energy (hematites).

Size: 40 cm.

Protection and strength, symbol of the Shri Yantra. (ref 81)

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