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 Who am I ?

I'm not used to talking about myself but I know that you will be curious and curious to know a little about my background in order to know who you are dealing with and it is legitimate! 
So, I'm going!

Since very young, I have always been curious, attracted by spirituality, esotericism, premonitory dreams, signs from elsewhere, Angels, Guides of Light ... 
I was and still am a dreamer, very sensitive to the energies around me.
I have a rather developed artistic side. I have been drawing and painting for a long time.
I was often told in "the moon,"
  I have often been in "my bubble"!

I have not received any religious education and no one in my family is related to the spiritual as far as I know.

I have always had a lot of intuition and feelings, which I should have listened to more often!

In my adolescence, the ordeal of mourning very close to me, led me to communicate with

the Hereafter.

Very surprised, a little scared, it was  my secret garden for a long time ... 

Professionally, to enter the "boxes",  I turned towards an artistic profession, which matched what I liked and / or my skills  would have their place (but in  outside the world  spiritual!  ).

I liked the colors, the aesthetics, the drawing, the brushes, the pencils and I was endowed with a beautiful imagination  so I became a makeup artist mainly in the audiovisual sector but also in the theater,  photo, along  and short film, and advertising.

Backgrounds  totally the opposite of what inspired me deep inside. Yet I worked there for many years! It was a long career and experiences  ...
Sector, where superficiality (no, that's not a bad word!) And ego are in the spotlight.
"Oh my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the prettiest?" but not only !

I had the pleasure of bringing a little beauty, well-being, and comfort, even through the ephemeral means of a make-up and a few exchanges. I do not deny this part of my life because it is also thanks to this profession that I was allowed to meet certain beautiful souls.
There followed many obstacles, accidents, wanting to pursue a path that was not the
  mine to enlighten me at an age when it was time to choose my true path. Yes, I'm more in my fifties than my twenties!  Like what, it is never too late!

Ultimately,  I began to test this gift that is magnetism, which everyone carries within themselves, but which we decide or not to let bloom. I had finally chosen to go to him.
There, on my way, I discovered the LaHoChi treatment, to which
  I was initiated.

  It was a revelation.
My relatives were the first on whom
  I experienced this magnetism through my hands. I was delighted and surprised about the experience just as much as they were !.

Even my cat got it, which helped him recover quickly  following a fall from the balcony, having injured him quite seriously.

  I took him to the vet at first, then I put my hands on him for a few minutes for 2 or 3 days, on his wounds. He regained his vitality quickly, and I was very happy.

This energetic treatment does not replace a consultation or a medical treatment but is a complement of healing.

I send you this "LaHoChi" treatment as well as the "Magnetism and crystals" treatment in all kindness with the heart. 
The energies of this care, which I offer to you, circulate through the one who gives and the one who
  receives and acts where it is due through the physical body and the subtle bodies.

All the details on the benefits of these  two treatments are detailed in the menu, section "energy treatments".


Loving for a long time the minerals and the crystals, I formed myself little by little in the lithotherapy in autodidact and I continue still today, because the subject is very vast and rich.

The stones accompany me during energy treatments, and are at the heart of my jewelry creations, called under the name of my trademark: "Aux Parures de l'Infini".

I  now devotes my time to the care and creation of jewelry-care and decoration.

At the same time , I am creating an Oracle (cards) on soul ties… combining drawing, painting and even digital painting. Soon the  birth of this youngest! I will present it to you soon!

  So this is a new chapter in my life that has been being written for about a year and a half, and that  I welcome a little more every day.

Here are some main lines about me that can enlighten you on who I am ...

Goodbye,  Nadège.


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