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Résumé sable

   Hello and welcome to this energy care page,


I am a magnetizer, and to get to know me a little more, if you wish, go to the "Who am I?" Section.


I offer 2 energy treatments:


   Magnetism and Crystals treatment (only in Toulouse) and    

  remote and face-to-face LaHoChi treatment   




Magnetism and Crystals treatment  focuses on injury, pain, blockage. This treatment calms pain, revitalizes the  affected areas, and brings relief and well-being.

I impose and I put my hands above the clothes and I put crystals (lithotherapy) on the body of the person, to deepen the care.

The session is 30 minutes,  including 20 minutes to 25 minutes of treatment, and 5 minutes of maintenance. We will have approached by email or by phone beforehand, the reasons why you want this energetic treatment.

  RATE  40 euros, payment on site.

This treatment is in person at the Allégria space in Toulouse.

Please contact me to make an appointment at 06 45 62 27 42

or by email:  

  This treatment does not replace medical advice or treatment.


LaHoChi energy treatment

I offer you my cooperation for your well-being through this treatment and make you  discover what gives you energy oin LaHoChi S-face or remotely.

TARIFF remote 40 euros and face-to-face 50 euros.

  Care  remote is explained further down this page.

I practice by impositions and appositions of hands on clothes.
Only the shoes are removed.
During the treatment, you are lying down and soft music accompanies us.
The duration of the session is 1 hour, including 30 to 40 minutes of care with an interview of 10 minutes before and after,
I adapt this treatment, for each person, according to their needs.


- Lifts blockages, helps letting go, cleanses negative energies.

- Increases our vibratory rate (state of health, physical and moral)

- Activates the immune system

- Activates Vital Energy

- Open and cleanse the 7 chakras 

- Repairs damaged physical and subtle regions (subtle bodies explained below)

- Refocuses body and mind.

- Soothes the mind, stabilizes the emotions, realigns the structure of the body

- Activates the body of Light

- Accelerates healing and many other things ... the list is not exhaustive!

  The LaHoChi means:    

  The : Light, Love, Wisdom - Ho  : Movement - Chi  : Energy of life


   It is an energetic practice of compassionate healing, channeled and transmitted by the hands, facilitating the harmonization of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

It is a very High Frequency energy of healing Light, transmitted through
Master LaHoChi, known as Lao-Tse, Chinese sage and Ascended Master.
LaHoChi is also called Heart Energy.

This treatment is an accompaniment of both physical and spiritual well-being on our path of personal development (it is not a religion, and it can be received and given by people of all faiths).

                                     Let's get to the heart of the matter! 

Imbalances at the cellular physical level (ailments, diseases) also exist as energy disorders in the vibratory fields that make us up.
This treatment therefore makes it possible to energetically rebalance the whole Body-Soul-Spirit.

This luminous energy has many virtues, in particular the cleansing of the subtle bodies ... but what is it? 

For those who are questioned, here is a little summary on the subject:

The subtle bodies are part of an energy field around our physical body and reflect our physical and mental state of health. All the physical shocks (accidents, traumas) or emotional (shocks, fears) or related to our environment (pollution, magnetic waves) that we encounter throughout our life, leave their imprints on our physical body and our various subtle bodies.
These dysfunctions create weaknesses, blockages, negative emotions, energy leaks, various imbalances and diseases in our life.

  For those  who want to know a little more:

  Here is an overview of the subtle bodies around our physical body:
  Etheric body : cocoon, envelope, linked to the physical body, representing our  life force  on which the 7 chakras are located.

-  Emotional body : made up of most of our emotions, whether positive or negative.

  Mental body : devoid of feelings, space for reflection, organization. Thoughts.

-  Causal body : linked to the mind and to deep memories, also called the karmic body because it has in memory all our positive and / or negative acts.  

  Intuitive body: body of Knowledge. Self-realization, enlightenment  spiritual  allows you to get in touch with our guides and  spiritual angels.


  - Body  atmic (Light) : connected to the crown chakra, the Soul. Unconditional love, uniqueness.                                             
The more we evolve in our spiritual quest, on ourselves, the more the Light grows in us:

it is the body of Light.

This treatment does not replace medical advice or treatment.


- PRICES  face-to-face treatment Toulouse: 50 euros (cash payment)


-  Duration  the session :  1 hour

   30 to 40 minutes and 10 minutes of maintenance before and after the treatment.

-  Making appointments : 
                               via Facebook (top of this page).

I receive
  by appointment, at Espace Allégria 110 rue Achille Viadieu in Toulouse (metro "courthouse")

Siret number 878 616 044 000 11


SOINS 3.jpg

           Soin LaHoChi
              à distance


I now offer this LaHoChi treatment remotely, in addition to offering it in Toulouse face-to-face in a small room rented in a dedicated space.

Over the weeks, months, I tested this energy treatment from a distance on my loved ones ... from one city to another and from one continent to another!
For the Compassionate Healing Energies of LaHoChi treatment, kilometers are not a problem!

The distance does not interfere in any way between the person who receives this care at home, by my channeling and transmission and no matter where on the globe. The results are very exciting, and the experience very interesting.

It seems important to me to tell you that it took me time and perspective to be ready, confident and available before offering you this new possibility of access to this energy treatment so profitable, gentle, effective and surprising. , transmitted with love!
It is therefore time to offer this treatment from a distance now more than ever ...

  REMOTE TREATMENT SESSION PRICE:  40 euros - credit card or PayPal payment on this site .

  Here is how a remote LaHoChi treatment session takes place:


- Proceed to payment

(Menu: below  "Who am I",  under page: "Remote care payment")

   and :

  • Send me by email at: 

  • your first and last name.

  • a photo of you (in portrait or in feet, from the front)

  • your mobile number so that I can reach you  to discuss with you beforehand the subjects which seem important to you in connection with the care and to remind you  the "D" day before and after the treatment.

  • If you wish, you can also in this email, tell me about your approach to this treatment, your current or past concerns (injuries, emotional or physical shocks, pain, etc.). . 

  • I will confirm to you by email, the receipt of your payment and will then suggest a day and a time, together we will find the right moment.

  • Important:  For whatever reasons, if you wish to cancel this treatment, then we will decide together on another more suitable time but no refund will be possible, only a postponement to another date will be offered.  

     Thank you for your understanding on this subject, so that no mistakes arise.


When the day of the appointment arrives, I will contact you by phone and we will discuss ten minutes before the treatment.

  • Allow about 3/4 of an hour to 1 hour:

  • - for care  30mins to 40mins 

  • - our interviews, 10 minutes before and after the treatment.

  • Drink a glass of water, and make your arrangements in advance to go to the "little corner" before  !

  • The idea is not to be disturbed by anyone or anything during the session ... so remember to put your cell phone and those around you in "airplane" mode!

  • lie down, cover up, choose a quiet place. Soft music can accompany you if you wish, but is not essential.

  • Relax, do not cross your legs, let your arms relax at your sides and let the treatment take care ...

Some and some of you may not feel anything, and others may experience chills, tingling, heat, a meditative state, or fall asleep ... the list is not exhaustive as are the benefits of this treatment. But don't doubt  especially not, the Energies are at work for your well-being.

  • At the end of the treatment, do not get up too quickly, take the time to "come back" here and now.

  •   I'll get back to you by text message to let you know when the treatment is over, and a few moments later I'll call you to discuss your experience.


Here is this little overview for the course of remote care.

See you soon for those who want to take advantage of this moment for SOI, and to all, take care of yourselves, 
Thank you*

 Lydia H: (06/06/2020)



Before the remote LaHoChi treatment, Nadège's voice is already soft and we feel the urge to let go and let ourselves be guided with confidence.

We talk about our emotions, our ailments, often anchored for a very long time.

Sometimes very present.

By closing my eyes I felt an immense well-being, very serene, I abandoned myself.

This first experience helped me to overcome an immense pain, at least to reduce it. Take a step back. Free me up a bit.

This inner pain had caused me physical pain which dissipated over the days.

Thank you Nadège for your precious help!

A second session will be welcome

Gwladys S:  (01/19/2020)

Being in Nadège's hands is the certainty that something incredible and benevolent will happen.

She made a nasty pain go away. I physically felt it unlock and disappear. It was crazy !

Cake on the cherry, in addition to a deep relaxation, at the end of the session you feel at peace. Huge eh!

So thank you Nadège for providing us with your good care, you have a real gift

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